Water Plant

WATER PLANT           Hours of operation: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm 

5111 Pointe Drive
East China MI 48054
Phone: 810-765-4647
Contact Dwayne Loper

Bulk water haulers can purchase bulk water during regular business hours at the Water Plant.

The Water Plant has been online since July of 2001 and the St. Clair River is our water source. The plant utilizes a membrane micro-filtration system to filter dirt and bacteria out of your drinking water. It is made up of 600,000 hollow fibers, about 10 feet long. Water is drawn through these fibers and the unwanted particles, dirt, viruses and bacteria are removed. To make sure the water is safe, a small amount of chlorine is added and bacteria samples are taken daily before it is sent to the distribution system. We feel this technology is the best method available to meet the ever changing regulations set forth by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and The United States Environmental Protection Act.

We encourage public participation in decisions that affect drinking water quality. Should you have any questions about your water, you can contact Dwayne Loper at the Water Filtration Plant at 810-765-4647.

email:  dwayne@eastchinatownship.org

Additional online water resource information can be accessed at:
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality www.deq.state.mi.us/
American Water Works Association www.awwa.org/
US Environmental Protection Agency www.epa.gov.ogwdw/
Michigan Rural Water Association www.mrwa.org/

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