Waste Service Guidelines

EMTERRA is your provider of solid waste collection, recycling and yard waste disposal services.
 Phone  877-609-6753.   Their web site is www.emterrausa.com
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GENERAL - Regular trash pick-up day is Thursday.  Please have your waste containers out by 6:30 am. Collection begins early to minimize traffic congestion.  It is important to have your waste out on time to ensure collection. To purchase a large trash cart, contact Emterra directly.

New Year’s Day    Memorial Day   Independence Day    Labor Day   Thanksgiving   Christmas
When these holidays fall during the normal work week, collection is delayed until Friday.

General Refuse –
Place refuse in in dark plastic trash bags or in 32-gallon plastic or metal containers with handles.  Full container may not exceed 50 pounds.  Please do not mix solid waste with yard waste (compost).  The following items are prohibited:  Commercial and industrial hazardous waste, automobile batteries, roofing and construction debris, vehicle tires, large auto parts, returnable bottles, cans and plastic containers. 

Bulky Items – Residents are allowed to put out one large bulk item per week.  For example:  Appliances, mattresses, furniture and hot water heaters.  Refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers and any item containing freon must have certification of freon removed and refrigerators need to have the doors removed.  Carpet and padding must be cut into 4 foot sections or smaller, rolled and tied in bundles that do not exceed 50 pounds.

General –
Recycling collection is the same day as trash collection.  Dirty, improperly prepared or unacceptable material cannot be recycled. Replacment recycle containers may be obtained by contacting East China Township Hall.
Please place recycling materials at curbside in recycling bins separate from solid waste and yard waste.  Recycle bins are available at the Township Office.
Plastic – Milk, water and juice jugs and other containers with the plastic code 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 indicated on the bottom are recyclable.  Please rinse well and flatten.  Oil containers and containers used for chemicals or flammables liquid are not recyclable.
Glass – Clear, green and brown glass containers are recyclable.  Please rinse to remove food residue and remove all rings and lids.  Plate or window glass, china, pyrex and mirrors are not recyclable.
Metal – Tin, steel, and aluminum containers are recyclable.  Remove the lids and place in the can.  Please rinse all containers and flatten them.
Newspaper – Newsprint and circulars delivered with newspapers, cardboard, junk mail, phone books, bundled magazines and cereal boxes are recyclable.  They may be placed in brown grocery bags or bundled with twine and placed on top or beside the recycling bin.  Cardboard must be cut into 2’ by 2’ sections or smaller.

YARD WASTE COLLECTION begins on the first Thursday in April and ends the last collection day of November.
Leaves, grass clippings, garden debris, shrubbery trimmings, brush or tree trimmings less than 4 inches in diameter and less than 4 feet in length are collected.

Place your yard waste in paper yard waste bags, containers (32 gallon or less) clearly marked “Yard Waste.”  Stickers for cans / containers may be available by contacting East China Township Hall. Full containers cannot exceed 50 pounds.  Small tree limbs and brush less than 4 inches in diameter may be tied in bundles not exceeding 4 feet in length or 50 pounds.  Michigan law prohibits mixing solid waste with yard waste for disposal.  Do not place your yard waste at the curb after the yard waste collection has ended for the season.  It will not be picked up.  Please put your yard waste materials at the curb in containers separate from solid waste and recycling.

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